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Fog and Nature

Statement of Practice

We want to be a church that is relevant and refreshing.  We will strive to make all ministries of our church practical and meaningful to people living in this community. With this in mind, we are committed to:

Biblical Teaching and Preaching

We recognize the Scriptures to be God’s Word and the base for all facets of our ministry.  We recognize the need for biblical instruction and study to help explain how truths in the Bible are relevant and how they can be applied to the questions and challenges that we face each day.


We desire to honor the Lordship of Christ through joyful and reverent worship that glorifies Him.  Our worship flows from thankful hearts because of who He is and what He has done for us.


We recognize that communication with our Lord is the essential foundation to all that we do.  We consider prayer a high priority because we know that “without Him we can do nothing.”

Personal Spiritual Growth

We strive to provide an environment that promotes an honest, growing relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, Bible study, and fellowship.  We believe this will produce growth in other areas including healthy relationships, personal godliness, and the development of the unique, God-given abilities we each possess.  We encourage the development and use of these abilities both within our own ministry, our community, and our world.

Caring for One Another

We are a people called to share love and concern for each other in both thought and action.  Our goal is to develop closer relationships within the fellowship of believers where love, encouragement, and needs may be expressed.

Ministry to Families

We want to do everything we can as a church to build strong families.  Meeting their needs in creative and meaningful ways.  We are committed to:

  • Parents – supporting and encouraging both one and two parent families during these sometimes challenging years.

  • Youth and Children – We are committed to excellence in ministering to our youth and children.  We want parents to feel confident and children to sense the excitement about the quality of care and ministry provided for them.


We are a church who is compassionately concerned about reaching out to our community and to the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.  We seek creative and loving ways to meet the needs of those around us.  By doing so we bring the message of Gods love.

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